designing gardens that rival the beauty
of the residences they complement

creating fluidity between interior .
& exterior spaces

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it is important to us that spaces flow with the architecture

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It is important to us to create spaces which flow with the architecture and local geography.  Personalizing the space, giving it a sense of belonging for the people who will spend time enjoying them, in their daily lives.

We work out all the details of these important elements; entrances, walkways, decks, fencing, gardens, to uncover intimate outdoor personal spaces.


Greenroom Garden offers complete design services, from consultation to design development through construction and installation of outdoor spaces.  We regularly develop landscape plans for city permits or new construction, as well as the installation of new and renovation landscapes.


Greenroom Garden works directly with homeowners, builders, local architects and designers, and come together as part of a team in order to achieve a finished product.  We only use high quality products beginning with beautiful dark, clean plant medium, rich with nutrients. Plant material is personally handpicked by us, and only purchased from certified and reputable nurseries. We believe it is due to this practise that the end product stands above the rest.


With varied abilities, backgrounds and experience, our maintenance team works hard to help fulfill the design direction and health of your growing and ever changing garden space.  Each garden has it’s own individual personality, use and style and we focus on catering to those needs.  For every season colourful annual displays such as mass tulip beds or abundant and lively front door pots are an option for your garden.

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Founded in 2008 in Vancouver Canada, Greenroom Garden is a garden design company, providing landscape design & installation services for new and renovation residential projects. Learn more about us …


” We strive to give our clients a product which reflects their sense of design.”

Our commitment

“We strive to give our clients a product which reflects their design sense whilst complimenting the architecture of the home and fitting in with the natural elements and surroundings.”

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